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Pastor Evan Mawirire to Visit Covenant

Using just two common possessions, his flag and his phone, Pastor Evan Mawarire was uniquely empowered by Christ to call the nation of Zimbabwe to rise up against the dictatorship that had held it in its grip for forty years.

For speaking boldly and faithfully to power, Pastor Evan suffered many things. He suffered imprisonment, slander, trumped up charges that threatened execution, and multiple threats. Embracing martyrdom, if that was what God had for him, clarified and prepared him for every sacrifice. For thirteen months, Pastor Evan and his wife, Pastor Sam (Samantha) willingly accepted the sacrifice of being together as a family. Currently, they have lived on separate continents for over thirteen months!

In a few weeks that will change, and Pastor Evan is making a visit to his wife and family, and also to us. Pastor Evan will be visiting us at Covenant and preaching on May 5-6th. You won’t want to miss a man whose faith and courage enabled him to lead a movement that many credit as providing the momentum that toppled Robert Mugabe.

What no one can deny is that in the face of dictatorship Pastor Evan risked it all to do what God had put on his heart. His slogan was this, “If we cannot cause the politician to change then we must inspire the citizen to be bold”.

You won’t want to miss Pastor Evan on May 5-6th. Please keep him covered in your prayers in this critically important time as Zimbabwe prepares for elections in July and many are concerned that the current government allow these elections to be free and fair.

Thoughts on Gospel Culture

What is gospel culture?  Gospel culture is the outworking of gospel doctrine.  Gospel doctrine is grace to the undeserving.  Gospel culture is how the doctrine that is stated on paper works itself out in relationships.   How we treat people always shows us what we functionally believe. 
Every church’s culture should be the corporate incarnation of the gospel.   A church can have beautifully correct doctrine, but an ugly culture and life.  Anyone who has been around the church scene for long will have tales of the Bride of Christ getting all Bridezilla.
The root cause of this is always a mixture of pride and unbelief.   Pride is the great enemy of the gospel since gospel truth only allows us to boast in the Cross, and the Cross only allows us to boast about Christ.  Unbelief weakens the hold of gospel truth on our hearts.  It prevents the gospel from forming us.
In some ways, you can relate gospel doctrine and gospel culture to the wedding and the marriage.   Most Christian weddings articulate good, Biblical, vows.  But we all know that you can have a Biblically rich wedding ceremony but hit the rocks very fast in the actual marriage.  
So, gospel doctrine is the propositional truth.   Gospel culture is the temperature of that truth in the heart.
Bottom line:  Covenant is not ever going to be a perfect church.   But Covenant is chasing after being a church that chases after chasing Christ in all of His fullness.  We are not content with just knowing twenty-five or even ninety-five percent of who He is. And so we want to burn hot with hearts impacted by His grace.    A great evangelist was once asked why God used him.   Here is what he said:   Imagine you have two stoves at home, one is hot and one is cold, and you want to make yourself a cup of coffee; which one of the two would you use? THE HOT ONE, of course. Do you get the point? That is the reason why God can use some and not others. Many pray “use me Lord”, but that is the wrong way around. Rather pray “Lord, make me useable”. His Holy Spirit-fire makes us useable. Those useable He uses automatically!
Gospel culture makes us useable.  When we chase after that, we will be useful in ways that delight us and bring lasting glory to God.  In coming weeks I’ll be detailing some ways that we can pursue a deeper and sweeter gospel culture.   We’ve all heard plenty of stories of falling short, but I’m interested in hearing from you specific examples and ways that you’ve experienced positive gospel culture. 

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