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How Did Covenant Do at Easter Weekend?

Thank you to all of you who prayed, served, invited, and worshiped Christ at Covenant on Easter weekend.  Thank you to all who flexed from their most convenient worship times to open up more seats for visitors or who parked in the furthest sections.  We did not have to turn anyone away.  We served more than 2200 people, and also had our largest Good Friday worship service ever.  

What we seek to do from the moment a guest’s car comes into the parking lot is to provide an entire experience that makes it impossible to ignore the unique greatness of Jesus Christ.

The bottom line of what Covenant offers is a real, unfiltered, full on experience of the reality of Jesus Christ.   Whether they know it or not, unchurched people are desperately hungry for God.

And the underlying reason people decide to come back is this:  God’s Presence is real in that place, so I must go back.  

In fact, God was so present and felt that at our Good Friday service, three people felt compelled to pray and give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Here are some comments we received:

“We had no idea that worship like this was available in Doylestown.”

“The sound of the music, the words to the song, the energy, the enthusiasm, the atmosphere - it was all so profoundly touching to me - my family expressed the same!”

“At a time when so much that is going on in the world disheartens us, Covenant is more appreciated than ever”

“I have to say that you made a great choice in choosing to bring our family here today to celebrate Easter.”  Overheard, a woman to her husband

“I have been so hurt by church that I haven’t been in years…(tears, voice breaking)…Thank you, this was just what my heart needed”

And from someone who tried a new area to serve in:  “I was a Greeter today for the first time and I am definitely going to do it on a frequent basis as I really enjoyed it….I found it to be such an uplifting activity - I was given quite a few gifts today by Covenant - thank you Jesus!”

We do everything we can to remove obstacles to experiencing Christ.  But ultimately we are not about a polished product, but about the reality of grace for a people who are deeply flawed, but more deeply loved.

Our vision has been aptly summarized in three parts: 

  • “I am a complete idiot”
  • “My future is incredibly bright”
  • “Anyone can get in on this”

Thank you to all of you who make this place accessible and welcoming and alive with the presence of Christ, so that literally, “anyone can get in on this”!

Ten Habits of Highly Effective Disciples

Easter is one of the biggest tests of our discipleship.

Did I write “discipleship” when I meant “outreach”?  No, I really meant discipleship as in commitment to the Biblical vision of calling those who know Christ to be an army not an audience.   We can’t fulfill our vision of “Reaching a Community” without a strong community standing ready to serve!

Easter weekend services present every single person who embraces Covenant Church and its mission to make some counter-intuitive, and counter-consumer church ways, so that you become part of reaching people.

For those who love Covenant, Easter is not just about outreach to our guests, but it is a unique opportunity for discipleship.  Here are TEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DISCIPLES: 

  1. ENGAGE: Prepare your heart to celebrate Christ, His Resurrection, and engage deeply in worship.  Lift your voices and come ready to respond at the peak of your powers for how you personally show engagement.  Your engagement in worship is precious to God, and it also serves as a witness to guests who may have been dragged here on the coattails of family. Your wholehearted engagement in worship is a powerful witness to the unique greatness of Jesus Christ.  Come ready to give your all.
  2. PRAY: Pray before you enter the property, pray as you enter, pray without ceasing.  Pray for the preaching, the worship, the welcome, the children’s ministry, and all our guest services.  We want to blow people away with welcome, vibrant ministry, and Holy Spirit touched preaching and worship.
  3. PARK at the most distant spot available. Save the closer parking places for guests. The weather forecast is beautiful and clear.  You know you’re going to eat too many calories later anyway. Use the walk for extra prayer and preparation of your heart for worship.  Sadly, some churches actually have members compete to get the closest places.  Missional engagement makes us compete for the most distant parking places.
  4. WELCOME:   Greet everyone! They may be guests. They may be members. Don’t ask if they’re new, just wish them HAPPY EASTER and introduce yourself to them.
  5. GUIDE: Look for new people who need direction and  help. You know our facilities well. Many others will not what to do with their children.  They won’t know we have coffee downstairs that they can bring upstairs with them. Be a guide. Help someone who looks like he or she needs help.
  6. FRONT ROWS:  Sit as close as possible to the front of the worship center. Save the back rows for guests and late entrants, so they don’t have to walk past so many people.
  7. MIDDLE AISLES: Sit in the middle. Don’t claim that aisle seat where people have to walk over you or past you.  The ushers may have to actively move people away from the aisle seats to the middle.  Help them out by choosing a middle seat.
  8. CHEEK TO CHEEK:   For some services our worship center will be beyond capacity.  Be willing to sit cheek to cheek.  If the service is packed to overflowing, consider giving up your seat inside the auditorium to make room for a guest in the overflow venues.
  9. SIGN UP TO SERVE: As the number of attendees increase, so does the need for people to serve. The parking team, children’s ministry, and church greeter ministry are a few of the areas that need more servants to minister to members and guests.
  10. PRAY:  Pray as you leave. For many, this is their first time experiencing Christ-centered worship and preaching.  The Holy Spirit will be working in many hearts. Pray that what is sown will be transformational and that we will not just have an Easter Spike in attendance for one day, but a wave of transformed lives will endure and increase the presence of Jesus Christ in our community!

These ten habits flow out of our vision of introducing people to Jesus Christ.   That’s the big WHY behind all that we do.  We need to breathe and bleed for that vision.  When we do, we make ourselves counter-cultural ambassadors for Christ.

Doing these things will increase your joy this Easter and EVERY WEEK!  Thank you in advance for practicing these ten habits of highly effective disciples.  They help us live out a Vision that will matter in a million years.  Our Vision is what makes all of this worthwhile!

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