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Serving Our Community

Over the weekend, Covenant attenders had the opportunity to actively show the love of Jesus to our community.  Check out what Stephanie Farley, Coordinator had to share about this awesome experience!  

Car Wash

Thank you to everyone who helped make our first annual FREE Covenant Car Wash a success!  It was such a blessing to love and serve our community for no other reason but to share the love of Jesus with those around us.  Thank you to the volunteers who washed cars, prayed with people, made baked goods, donated towels and helped spread the word.  We had several police officers and Chief Gallagher stop by to get their police cars washed which gave us a great opportunity to thank them for their service.  We are looking forward to an even bigger and better car wash next summer!  "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve."  Mark 10:45

"I love the comparison that was made to Jesus washing the disciples' feet.  Every time a car or truck came up, I couldn't help but think: Here comes another foot!" ~ Covenant car wash volunteer

"What?  I've never heard of anything like this!" ~ A man from the community in response to being told we weren't accepting donations.

"We were greeted with big smiles, cookies and a great car wash.  The volunteers from the church made the officers feel right at home.  Thank you all for allowing the police department to join you and making us feel so welcome!"    ~Buckingham Police Department

Help Us Celebrate Your Summer

On Labor Day Weekend, traditionally known as the last weekend of summer, there are a lot of mixed emotions.  Excitement for new beginnings, wistfulness over wonderful summers, angst over disappointments, it’s all part of what makes it harder to live in a hinge than on either side of that hinge.

Transitions present challenges.   Transitions are whenever you stand in one place but know that soon you’ll be in a different place.  It’s hard to “be where you are” when you’re leaning into somewhere else.   College students are already packing up and some have already settled in.  Back to school sales have been reminding all of us of the fall; even the weather seems to be leaning into Autumn.

Rob Chifokoyo reminded us from Nehemiah 11 to “Be Where You Are”!   Being present is a by-product of having God’s peace. I can’t be fully present unless the Holy Spirit is filling me.  Christ’s presence slows me down.  Prayer gives me a serene energy to be more fully awake to where I am and the people around me.   When I’m in a transition, I need to pray more.  The problem is, transitions often press me in ways that make me pray less. 
There’s always something wistful about endings.  Depending on what’s next, we cling to what is.  Depending on what is, we escape the present by focusing on what’s next. 
My favorite longing for summer song is Dashboard Confessional’s, “So Long”: 
And I was certain that the season
Could be held between my arms
But just as summer’s hold is fleeting
I was here but now I’m gone 

To help us celebrate the summer, we’re asking for submissions of some photos of summer’s beauty.   It can be your backyard, a simple shot of flower or sunset, or a special place you traveled to. 
On Labor Day Weekend, I’ll be preaching from one of the Creation Psalms which calls us to trace back the glory of Creation to the heart of the Creator.
I’d like to invite your help and ask you to help locate your favorite photo of God’s glory in nature in your recent experience (summer or near summer). Send us the photo, and let us know the location.  We’re looking for nature shots this time, so no picture of puppies or grandkids or your incredible beach body, but if you caught a selfie with an incredible background, that’s fine.     
There’s  still more summer vacation left; more than twice as much time than any school year vacation.   So, let’s seek God’s help to savor each moment left  in the summer, even as we anticipate the entrance of September.  Your most wonder filled experience of summer may be in the weeks ahead, and remember, snap that photo and send it to us.  Email submissions to C with the heading in the email Summer Beauty

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