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What We're All About

We aim to make every and any guy feel comfortable joining us for a meeting, event, or activity. We're all in this together - God knows, we all stumble and fall; and great strength and wisdom comes from admitting that and coming face to face with that hard reality! It prompts us to look at ourselves and at God in a whole new light. It makes us understand and appreciate why Jesus came and all that He accomplished for us.

We’re forming a team pursuing something bigger than ourselves and we’re always looking for eager, authentic, no-nonsense participants, leaders and those who are willing to join in.

What We Do

We laugh hard, lead decisively, and learn together. We take our lead from Jesus in his leadership style. Sarcasm, humor, and exaggeration litter his words. He set the bar high for himself and for his followers. He cared for people across the board - women, children, dignitaries and outcasts, but he spent the lion’s share of his time developing a handful of deeply flawed men. He knew the truth that if you transform a handful of guys, you transform the family, the neighborhood, the town, the nation.

Bible Studies

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We are deeply flawed, but even more deeply loved.