Discovering Covenant

Being part of  a church means more than merely attending weekend worship services. It involves catching the vision, sharing our passion and partnering in the work. We have a passion for being an attractive, welcoming, receptive community where guests, unchurched and re-churched people love to attend. We need you to join us to reach people in the community outside to welcome and serve those who arrive at our doorsteps.

If you share that passion, you can fully engage in the life of the church by attending the following class:

Discovering Covenant is the opportunity to get to know more about us. Find out about the church, what our values and passions are, what a relationship with Jesus looks like! This is the first step if you are interested in partnering in membership or serving, but you are under no obligation to do so by attending this seminar. Come explore what makes Covenant tick! 

This class is intended for 9th graders through adults. It is a 2.5 hour class. 

Upcoming Class

For younger individuals, we offer QUEST, a 3-part seminar for students in grades 5-8. 

Quest Information