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We love seeing children have FUN at Covenant on Sundays!  We try to make our programs as engaging and interactive as possible – with plenty of games, songs, and activities…but also with plenty of ways to see Jesus! 

If you and your children are new to Covenant -- we want to make sure you and your child feel WELCOME. Check out all we offer on Sundays below. And, please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or helpful information for us to know about your child so that we can ensure everyone feels at ease with the programs we offer at Covenant.

Andrew Poe, Pastor to Children:  
Jasmine Craig, CM Associate:  

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Birth - 6th Grade:

Children's Ministry: Birth - 6th grade

It is all about JESUS! This is the main point we at Covenant hope your children understand as they pass through the different classes we offer. Our mission is to partner with parents in teaching children to know, love, and serve JESUS by worshiping him in community. We seek to accomplish this goal in many different ways. We hope that you and your children are truly blessed and encouraged by the Children's Ministry. 

All of the classes we offer at Covenant are designed to meet children where they are developmentally, providing a strong foundation in the Bible, with its main focus on Jesus Christ - the one who fulfilled all things by his death and resurrection! All Children's Programs are offered on Sundays at 9 & 10:45 AM and childcare for birth-4 yrs is available on Saturdays at 5:30 PM. Here is an overview of our programs.

The Farm:

Nursery Ministry: Birth - 23 months

The Nursery Ministry at Covenant Church provides a safe and loving environment for children while their parents attend worship or other programs at the church. We desire to provide quality, consistent care for all of the little ones who come through our doors.

Toddler Ministry: Ages 2 & 3+

Our 2 & 3 year olds experience Bible lessons through interactive play and hands on activities. Stories are repeated several times each month in a variety of ways to allow each child to fully grasp the biblical truth being emphasized.

Main Street:

Preschool Ministry: PreK

Similar to the 2's & 3's, Preschoolers experience Bible lessons through interactive play and hands-on activity centers. Stories are presented in a variety of creative ways that will tap into many different learning styles so that each child has the chance to fully grasp the biblical truth being emphasized.

Preschool Ministry: Kindergarten

Since Kindergarteners receive a new Bible at the start of the year, the class is designed to provide both a strong overview of the Bible as well as the essential skills required for reading it. The lessons include both kinesthetic exercises to help children grasp the full narrative of the Bible and creative activities designed to instill confidence in them as they learn how to use the Bible as a way to discover who God is. 

Elementary Ministry: Grades 1 & 2

In order to foster a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ, the elementary age classes take time to explore the Bible as God's Narrative (His BIG STORY), seeing how the entire story of God weaves together, with all things coming together in Jesus. This is mainly a large group setting where kids learn through actions as well as hands-on activities to help reinforce the lesson done.

Upper Elementary Ministry: Grades 3 & 4

To keep the spiral moving upward, the upper elementary school children study the same stories and passages as the first & second graders, building on what they’ve previously learned by digging deeper and looking at different aspects of those stories. The goal is to reinforce God's BIG STORY and build a strong foundation of Scripture. 


Grades 5 & 6

Z56 is structured so that students participate in small group discussions guided by mature and godly leaders. Students come on Sunday mornings (during either service) and dig into a relevant topic in a fun way before breaking into small groups for further discussion. The small-group format is meant to provide a platform for the students to talk about life and gain a Christ-centered perspective on how to handle it.