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High School Ministry: 9th-12th

What can't we live without?  


What do we CRAVE?

What We're All About

We all want things: the newest iPhone, a sweet car, more freedom, a later curfew... but doesn't there have to be more to life than that? What do we really want? What can't we live without? What do we CRAVE? Join us on Sunday nights from 6 to 8pm during the school year as we gather to hang out, have fun and experience life together. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that's welcoming and engaging to support students as they reach out to bring their friends. We always have a talk that is geared towards the reality that high school students are experiencing and the hope that is found in Jesus. We want to wrestle through real issues and help point students to the God that loves them. We know that students have a lot going on that demands their time and attention, but our promise is that Sunday nights will be worth it. Join us on Sunday nights from 6:00-8:00pm.

What We Do

We have regular big events, with the goal of fostering connections and relationships while also providing students an opportunity to reach out to their friends. Falltacular (our fall retreat), the annual Trashketball Tournament, BOLD (our discipleship retreat) and the different summer events are all things that students can look forward to being a part of here at Covenant. We also have several summer missions teams for students to participate in. Our goal for these teams is to see students move outside their comfort zone while reaching out beyond themselves across cultural and socio-economic barriers with the love and hope of Jesus. 

What We Love

Small groups are a big value for us. We would love to see every student involved in a group where they will be able to dive into the Bible and live life with other students. These groups are led by our fantastic volunteer leaders and take place during the week at different times. Our goal is to see students experience discipleship as they walk in accountability and fellowship with a group of their peers. If you or your high school student is interested in being a part of one of these groups, please feel free to contact us.

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God is bigger, better, closer and greater than we could ever imagine.