Bolder Update Video

At Covenant, we want to be BOLDER. We want to be BOLDER in our Vision, our Faith and our Impact. As we look to the future, we see that our building is one of the tools God has given us in order to be BOLDER!

We believe that God has called us to reach Doylestown with the hope of the Gospel and that task is not completed yet. We believe God has called us to build so that we might see the movement of God continue. Never has there been more at stake in terms of Covenant’s continued expansion and momentum.

To effectively live out our vision and values, we need to take BOLD steps by adding onto our existing facilities and this will require all of us to join in together in BOLDER ways.  Watch this video to learn why we started the BOLDER building expansion project:

We are seeing great things happen, but we have reached the maximum capacity for what we can do in our building, and what we can support with our budget, and what we can serve with our volunteers and leaders. We need growth in all areas, and that can only happen as transforming grace deepens and broadens its impact in the hearts of those who call Covenant home.

The vision of expanding is becoming a reality. If you participated in the call to resource the expansion in the fall of 2015…THANK YOU! Your generosity has allowed the BOLDER expansion project to be just within our reach. The completion of the architectural drawings means that we are on the threshold of seeing kingdom dreams realized. Take a look at the plans:

Elevation Plan Lower Level Plan Upper Level Plan Site Plan

Phase I: Expanding the parking lots areas; building a new worship center to seat over 900 people, a large café and lobby area, children’s ministry classrooms and mid-week group and Bible study gatherings.

Phase II: Renovations of the existing Children’s Ministry classrooms into a nursey area and the Stepping Stones Preschool. This phase also would include renovation the of the current nursery into additional administration office space and a conference room.

Phase III: Renovations of the existing worship center to re-purpose the usefulness for the children and student departments. This phase also include renovation of the kitchen and dining room area.

Our current BOLDER giving and commitments will fund Phase I of the BOLDER building expansion project. We are really close to being able to close the financial gap to rejoice in the next phases being a reality. If you have not yet participated in this project, we encourage you not be a by-stander. Don’t just watch the action, get in on the excitement. Take bold step…
Click here to link to the online giving page.

If you’d like to talk with someone about making a commitment to this project, please call the church office (267.880.3713). We’d be glad to talk with you about projecting your commitment and methods of giving to the this BOLDER project.

What is God calling you to do?